Ass Whooping

Another Tucson Tri Series race has come and gone. Surprisingly, I was 3rd Overall. In a time about :90 seconds slower then most of the 3rd place overall finishes that I’ve garnered in this series. I’m infamous for 2 things in this race series. I hold the mens course record for the most number of top three overall finishes without a win and better yet, the record for leading off the bike more then anyone else and not winning. Six times baby that I failed to seal the deal after starting the run with the entire field staring at my ass. For those of you interested in power numbers, my AP was 239w my NP 245w. The race got away from me at the beginning. The swim took me about :40 longer then usual. At one point, a mere 100 yards into the race, I looked across 11 other lanes. Each lane had 2 people in it, and no one was behind me. Not one freaking person. Nada, zip, zero, zilch. At that point I didn’t bother to look on the other side at those six lanes. A big congratulations to my friend Mike Montoya. He won the final race of the series last October and the series championships. Then he kicked off this year with a sprint finish win to put himself into good position to capture another championship. My other teammate, Leo, whom I’ve not met, finished 2nd giving a clean sweep of the mens podium. Too bad I was :90+ back at the line, a 3 way sprint would have been awesome. Except for one small thing. I sprint like a snail. I’d use old age and treachery against them if it ever came down to it, but they are both older then me, so I’m screwed. What’s up with the young people in triathlon in AZ? 8 of the top 10 men were in the 35+ age bracket. You young MFers are SLOW. The way you young guys race, you’re going to need more time here beginner triathlete.

A big thank you out to the guys at Genuine Innovations. Marty, their CEO was at the race grabbing 4th overall and handing out limited edition black 16g Co2 cartridges. This is a pros and bros only type of thing. I don’t qualify for the former but I do qualify for the latter. Now I’m sporting at least half a dozen limited edition cartridges in case I flat. Thanks Marty!

At the end of the day this result reconfirms what I’ve said. Oceanside 70.3 isn’t going to be pretty. I’m going to need some serious training if I’m going to get through Wildflower without wilting.

One Response to “Ass Whooping”

  1. I hope you whoop some ass in Cali while getting your ass whooping 😉

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