You Want Some Blame?

I would love to lay blame for my pathetic fitness level on someone. Maybe even you, one of my faithful 11 readers. Who wants the blame?

Really though I have no one to blame but myself. These next two weekends should be interesting. I have the Tucson Tri on Sunday. It’s a sprint so I’m pretty confident I should make it through. It’s so short I’ll have to go train that afternoon as well. Then six days later, I’ve got the Oceanside 70.3 half ironman. This should be interesting. While I’m somewhat optimistic I’ll actually not drown, when your last two swims total 6000 yards and that is just about 35% of your yearly swimming, well, no good can come of that. The good news is I can’t go slower then 1:25 per 100 yards, the bad news is I can’t go faster then 1:20. Not to mention my power meter still won’t give me numbers. While it doesn’t read “You Suck” while riding anymore, it still says “Wattage to low to Display”. Sigh. Stupid f*cking computer.

On the bright side, while not fast, my running is coming along. On the downside, I’ve got one run over 10 miles in my legs since November. I’ll be going for the Area Under the Curve approach to the half run. Let’s hope that I’ve got enough 7-8 mile runs in my legs that I can fake the last 5k. Maybe I’ll go run long this week…twice.

Billy and Sarah have been telling me for months to get back into the water. In retrospect I should have listened. It seems to take longer then before to get back into shape.

Just like one year ago, my bike is still not sorted out. Instead of not changing anything so close to the races, I go and stick on new aerobars. Brilliant, in a stupid sort of way. I realized that the extensions are a bit long, currently, but I’m confident that I’ll grow into them. You need a special tool to shorten the bars. Of course I don’t own that tool. So I figure f*ck it. Maybe by April or May I’ll sort that out.

So kids what I’m trying to say is do what I say and not what I do. It’ll work out better in the end for everyone. Besides I’m a trained professional 😉

3 Responses to “You Want Some Blame?”

  1. Have fun down there Brian, you would still smoke me out of the water and I have been swimming 😉

    Worse case, enjoy the scenery on the beach while you run..I had someone trip infront of me last year cause there was too much to look at.

  2. Bring on the blame! I feel like I have something to do with that. I knew that some of my laziness rubbed off on you. Consider yourself blessed, why? Think of how much time you got to spend honing your skills on HALO. Would you have that if had chosen to “Train”?

  3. Stover,
    Here is an idea. Skip every race between now and April when you come to NC. Also don’t do any swimming, biking, or running. In the mean time I will continue to train and when you get here I will invite you to race me in any of the three disciplines or all three. Even with the lull in your training and racing, and in spite of my consistent regimen, I will still not have much of a chance of beating you. So, I am really bored with your constant whining of not being in shape. As the saying goes HTFU!

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