Lifeguard, save me

I’m drowning. Well not actually, much to at least one person’s dismay. But damn, I’m slow in the pool. Every year I say I’m not going to take much time out of the water. Every year I take time away from the pool. This year I swam 800 yards in 5 months. Now I can’t even hold for 200’s what I used to do repeats on. Tonight’s ended up being all around 2:50 leaving on the 3:00. Last August I was leaving on the 2:40. I guess I better get in lots of swim in the next 17 days. Yikes, 17 days until the first tri of the year.

Part of the reason I stay out of the water is they play country music at the pool (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Not that there is anything wrong with country music. But there really isn’t anything right about country music. Sure I can listen to it in small doses. Very, very small doses. But no, where I swim, it’s country song after country song. That’s just wrong.

7 Responses to “Lifeguard, save me”

  1. Yeah, country music is just plain wrong. Unless it is way old school. Hank William Jr and Willie Nelson had it going on. Garth Brooks, not so much.

  2. ahem… you forgot an important link in this note…

  3. You can hear the music? You must be one of those triathletes who goes to the pool and spends all his time hanging out at the wall.

  4. Country music would keep me out of my pool 😉

  5. You whining again over there Stover? You should rename this blog to My Whiney Ass Workouts. 🙂

  6. Uhm, yeah, you hear music? If you swim more you hear less.

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