So Long Bridgette

You’ll be missed very much.

I had a last few weeks with her knowing this was the end result. I’m not yet sure if that makes it less or more painful. It’s weird coming home to a dog free house. First time in a bakers dozen that I’ve been faced with this.

She was different then my other dog, more aloof, liked to hide in the closet, make me step over and around her while trying to get the shirt and tie on in the mornings. Bridgette was the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. I could walk her off leash with no worries. A quick whistle and she came right back to me. She was always in such a hurry to get out of the door for her walk and get back into the house when done. If in the future when I get another dog or two, if they are half as sweet as her, I’ll be one lucky bastard.

3 Responses to “So Long Bridgette”

  1. you WILL get another or two dogs Bri. If you don’t do it for you, I will travel out there myself and adopt one for ya. 🙂

    Sleep well my friend and know that you did the right thing. REALLY! Alot more than some peeps do for their human loved ones in the hospital.

  2. Ah shit. I’m really sorry. I thought you had a few more days with her. She was lucky to have you for a dad.

  3. Thinking of you.

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