From good to bad

Yesterday’s run was great. It was cold and raining. There was snow hanging low on the mountains. It was the longest run I’ve done since the day after Christmas. 7.2 miles. The sun popped out about halfway through for 3 minutes, giving me two huge rainbows to guide me back home. There was no one else on the path, just the sounds of my feet landing on the wet spongy ground. It felt like I was running, like I’ve turned the corner towards being a runner again. It felt good!

Last night Bridgette got worse. I’ve made the decision to put her down this afternoon. I’m hoping the vet can squeeze me in. When your dog can suddenly no longer stand up by herself when she has been laying down, it’s time. She has been struggling some with getting up, but has always managed to. But not now. I’ve made her breakfast for the last time. Only one more walk to go. A short jaunt down the alley to the park this afternoon to let her sniff around, then her final car ride. Even with a few weeks to prepare for this, one would think I’d be prepared for the finality of it. I’m really not.

4 Responses to “From good to bad”

  1. Mr. Bubble Says:

    Sorry Bro. I am happy we were able to come down and see her while she was still acting like her old self. Good luck amigo!

  2. Pets really do show you what unconditional love is. It’s tough to see this disappear when you make this decision. Think of what is best for her and how happy she has been with you for all of these years.

  3. B –

    I’m really sorry to hear/read about this. Losing something or someone that you love sucks. There are no two ways around it. It just sucks.

    It sounds like the two of you had lots of great memories together and I hope that is what is in the forefront of your mind.

  4. Bri,

    Ya know I’m here for ya. Sorry for your loss, whether it has happened already or will happen. My heart goes out to ya dude.

    New beginnings for you after BC. Promise me that, ko?

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