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A Punch to the Guts

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This morning I’m walking around dazed and stunned. Bridgette went to the vet yesterday. Her tail stopped wagging like normal and her appetitive decreased. It seems every time I go to the vets the news isn’t good. Bridgette has cancer among other things like arthritis, anemia and some bad teeth.
There are lots of little tumors in her lungs, a nice size tumor at the base of her spine and one of her anal glands has a tumor. She has to be put her down soon. The tumor at her anal gland is already impacting her ability to go to the bathroom. Her poop comes out one side flat the other side round. Much more growth and she’ll be completely stopped up.
I’m stunned. I guess I shouldn’t be. She is ~14 years old and in great health otherwise. We still walk just about everyday, she plays with other dogs at the park and seems to be her usual self. As a pet owner, who has seen her everyday for the last 12+ years, sometimes you don’t notice the little things that might tip you off sooner. I never noticed she was getting indentions above her eyes until the vet pointed them out. She gets her head rubbed everyday. How did I miss that?
For now she is on antibiotics and prednisone. The prednisone should help perk her up a bit more and increase her appetitive. Since she still has a relatively good quality of life, I’m going to be selfish and keep her around for a few more weeks. Through all the years, I’ve always said I’m not going to be that dog owner that hangs on too long, that I’d rather put her down with a few good weeks left, then have her suffer for a few weeks because I didn’t want to let go. To me, being kind and letting your dog go out on top is the best thing a dog owner can do. I’ve already chosen a tentative date, and I’m not looking forward to it showing up. Hopefully she’ll respond well to her drugs and maybe I’ll get to keep her for a another week or so. I hope so anyway.

Drugs and Sports

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It’s everywhere, the talk about drug use in baseball, thanks to Mark McGwire’s recent admission about steroid use. What still stumps me is people actually care about drug use in sports. You have sports, the opportunity to get ahead in life, the opportunity where riding the bench in the NFL guarantees you at least $285,000 per year, where being great at the high school level leads to a free college education, where being faster then everyone can lead to more money in one year then you can make working a real job for five, to become famous, and you are going to have drug use. I can’t think of a modern sport that doesn’t have a drug problem or hasn’t had one recently. Real football aka soccer, rugby, NFL, triathlon, MLB, XC skiing, cycling, T&F – both on the track across all distances from the 100m sprint to the marathon and the field events, NBA, hockey, snowboarding, weight lifting, equestrian and biathlon as well as any other sports that escape me at the moment.

If you are one of those people who think sport is clean, wake the f*ck up. Whatever your sport, the big leagues have one thing in their equipment bag most of us will never have. Drugs. Be it anabolic steroids, EPO, dEPO, HGH, modafinil, insulin, CG, LH, masking agents, aromatase inhibitors or beta blockers. At the pinnacle of sports, there is Mr. or Mrs. Drug Use standing in the wings, waving as their athlete accepts the medal or trophy. At the level below that there is some athlete, who, better then 99% of the world at their sport, needs to be better then 99.4% of the world consistently to make a good living. They are in bed humping the drug use whore like a champ. At the level below that some athlete is blowing the goddess of false promise.

Over the last few days I’ve heard people, from those I interact with to talking bobbleheads on tv, who are shocked by Mr. McGwire’s admission. What a bunch of f*cking morons. Come on? Really? You’re shocked that some record holder used drugs? That some athlete dipped into the milk and honey? That Mrs. I never used drugs suddenly admits to having used drugs. Every time the news breaks, be it Marion Jones, or her ex- husband, or her boyfriend, or Mark, or Jose, or Dave or Jim admits to using drugs you are shocked. When someone goes from being the 80th ranked breastroker in the the world to holding a WR the next year, an off Olympic year, you don’t raise an eyebrow? When an entire team of women runners from China suddenly put world records so far out of reach you don’t think that maybe there was something besides turtle in that soup? When two Olympians miss the Olympics you don’t scratch your head. When someone goes from being a zero to a hero in an unbelievably short span of time you don’t question it. If this is you, you are an IDIOT.

Unfortunately drug use is here, in your favorite sport, done by someone on your favorite team, maybe even your favorite athlete. Don’t be surprised when they get popped or admit years later, then try to downplay it. That drugs weren’t the thing that separated them from the herd. Drug use was the factor that separated them from the herd.

F*cking ribs

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I’ve own ribs so tender you could smoke them, serve them for dinner and be the worlds best chef. They are so sore still, unbelievable. After 30 minutes on the trainer yesterday, I was ready to cry uncle. I might have cried, but then the pain reliever kicked in. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a rash of crashes. I’m pretty decent handling my bike, so I thought. It seems the bad juju that took me out of the game last year for several 7-10 day time frames is still hanging around for now.

On the plus side my Halo playing ability has gone from I’m a super easy kill, to now I’m just an easy kill. Actually had a 3 game run where I killed more then I was killed! Yeah, I’m now a bad ass on Halo. Completely bad.