Smash and Crash

Since it’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s I typically do a mini training camp. You know, run way more then a normal week, rack up a bunch of miles cycling and get back into the pool. Things were going so well. The first few days ran just over 30 miles in four days. The plan was to run between 7.3 and 7.8 miles every day. Ride 2.5-3.5 hours everyday with a minimal TSS of 175 per day. Swim 3-4 times so I wasn’t in horrible shape come January 4th when I was going to start swimming masters.

But the day after Christmas, riding back into town CRASH! I make a right hand turn, didn’t spot the commuter bike riding guy until it was too late. Took the turn a bit wide because there was a bunch of sand in the apex of the turn. Realize that the two old ladies in the car weren’t an issue, and then, only then did I see Mr. Commuter. FuuuuCK Me. I couldn’t get under him so I tried to go in front of him, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea. I don’t think he saw me either, until it was too late. Ha, my sneaky frontal assault campaign on commuter bikes begins! I ended up putting myself broadside to him and got T-Boned. A total fred move, worthy of the best Cat 5 crash video out there. I’m a 4, I’ll probably get downgraded for that one. After many apologies by me and asking him if he is ok, he gets up and says “Wow!, that happened fast”. They always do sir, they always do.

Luckily he was unscratched and damage free. Me on the other hand, well, my ribs hurt. They are rather sore actually. I landed ribs first then hip and tricep. Somehow I have a bruise on the front of my thigh and some scrapes on my what could be washboard abs if I ever did ab work. And some wounded pride. Don’t forget the wounded pride, that hurts the most.

On the other hand, this lead to a scientific discovery. Their is an inverse relationship between the amount of Naproxen I take and the amount of muscle guarding I do. More drugs = less guarding.

What a fitting way to end the calendar year. Here’s to a better 2010!

2 Responses to “Smash and Crash”

  1. Do’h! Glad your brain still works, you have a lot of schedules to write for me next year!

  2. […] the pool has seen me once for 800 yards and I’ve yet to make an appearance this year. After crashing my bike, I didn’t run for 24 days. Over the last two weeks I’ve managed almost 37 miles of […]

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