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The Movie Rant

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I’ve taking my sleeping meds and I’m about to rant. So hopefully this is coherent because you have no idea how hard it is to type much less spell when you taken 4.5mg of Lunesta. No, Mom I’m really not trying to kill myself, how would I be able to visit you if I did? But Mom is a worrier of sorts. Back to the movies. Starts at 6:30. Get in about 10 minutes early, they play at least 15min of infomercials about cell phones, texting and finding the exits. The the trailers start. SPOILER ALERT: All the movies coming out this summer are going to suck. Trust me. I sat through at least 30 min of trailers. Yes, over 30 min of trailers. Movies about kids who are demi-gods. I thought I was the only one. WTF? That’s MY movie. I should be in it. Then some movie about a russian defecting who blows the cover on some CIA agent who is going to kill the President which OMG hold your breath, happens to be the same chick who is trying to get info out of him. Another spy movie, awesome!!!! gag me. Then Jackie Chan is going to be a spy that babysits. Did Van Damne or Van Diesel or Van someone do this already. Get the little kids into it, sort of a cross between that kid who’s parents left him at home when they went to Europe for Christmas and Agent Cody and blah blah blah. Maybe it’s just blah b/c everyone knows I LOOOOOVE kids. All three of them, wait, my bad, I’m up to loving 4. That’s a 25% increase in the love I’m handing out. HUGE. Better get in line folks if you want some loving and bring your ID just in case 😉

Lets see, oh seems heaven and hell are fighting again, imagine that, Gaberial against Lucifer, someone enlists the townsfolk to help. Tom Cruise is going to be in one when he manages to flip and denotate a van with a hand gun. Please hollywood stop with the shooting cars and blowing them up. Typically all you get is a leaky radiator, some busted up belts, windows, headlamps and some holes in the doors. Try getting my fleet department to approve that repair. I can see it now, after getting transferred to 4 people only to end up with the one I started with. Oh it’s you again. Fleet: Yes, but before I wasn’t in my adjuster capacity, but was in my referral capacity. Um well about my car, you know the one that got shot and blew up. Fleet: Could you please walk me through that again. Me: WTF are you BCBS insurance all over? Fleet: excuse me. and on and on, only to get an email 3 days later. “we are sorry to inform you, that your car will not be repaired while you are driving it. When it comes to order and recieve a new car please turn it in as is. Swell, I’ll drive my shot up, blown up, dented pos for 15k more no worries.

Is it too much to ask for realistic movies? You know the kind where when people shoot at other people, they actually die. Really, how can an entire SWAT team miss shooting a chick running in circles? Or how good is the good guy that he can use 1 magazine to take down 45 people? His mag only holds 23 rounds. He is that good! Is it to much to ask for a little realism. What dude with military training is going to organize a full frontal assault? Commit all your forces to going up against a better armored force in a full frontal assault? Especially when you have about 100m open ground to cover. Crown him General. I’ve never been in the military but even I know no good can come of that, unless good is getting your side annihilated. Fake with the frontal assault, let them move forward, then spring on them from the flanks. Or start on the flanks, get them to commit troops to cover that then assault the freshly weaken areas. Disclaimer: I’ve never been in the military but did play army growing up and we also used to take the mini-van with the dual sunroofs out at night to go water ballooning people. You can’t keep driving by toss balloons then turn around and do it again. You need to eventually turn a corner, make a few more turns. When they are looking right where you went, you turn from across the street, flick the highbeams momentarily blinding them so with any lucky, they don’t see the initial 4-6 balloons flying out of the mini-van. Not that we ever did that. Ever.

Then there is gladiator parts 2 and 3 coming out. One of them is going to be called Robin Hood with lots of violence, much more then I associate Robin Hood with. The other is about some dude who has to kill everyone to get to see his wife again. In the meantime they showed him with 2 chicks. Let’s see, 1 wife or 2 chicks for a night. Need I say more?

So for you movies goers, I’ll give you a great piece of advice: Here.

Of Meds and X-Rays

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Since everyone’s insurance makes changes about this time, I have to deal with a few. I’m on a PPI for life for two medical conditions, one inherited and one developed. BCBS of MA, who is my insurance carrier granted me a lifetime approval for Prevacid 30mg QD. But this year, I get a letter. They are dropping coverage on all PPI’s except for omeprazole 20 or 40mg. So I call BCBS to see if this really applies to me. After giving them my ID number etc the conversation goes pretty much like this:
Me: So you are telling me, I have to have my doc resubmit all the information you currently have on my conditions, even though one I’ve had my entire life, in order to get another approval for Prevacid even though you have already granted me a lifetime approval for Prevaicd?
BCBS: Correct sir. We need that information.
Me: You already have that info.
BCBS: Your physician will have to resubmit it.
Me: You do realize it’s going to be the exact file you have detailing my conditions
BCBS: Yes, but we need it resubmitted to review it
Me: You already have it, can’t you open the file and look it over, or have someone from P&T or Medical Review do that
BCBS: No sir, we need it to be resubmitted
Me: Even if there are no changes
Me: You do realize that increases the cost of medical care since you already have the exact file that would be resubmitted. Isn’t it possible to save everyone some time and money and just look over the file you have. You guys have already looked over it once and given me a lifetime approval on the PA.
BCBS: Sir, we realize that, but we need the documentation resubmitted becasue coverage changed on the entire class of drugs
Me: what are my non submitting options?
BCBS: Omperazole 20 QD or 40mg QD.
Me: Are you trying to kill me? Have you read the research on Prilosec 20mg vs Prevacid 30mg? The fact that the FDA actually said Prevacid was superior to Prilosec in symptom resolution and healing rates?
BCBS: Ummmm
Me: That I have 2 conditions, one which requires symptom resolution on a daily basis and one that required healing of an erosion. Are you trying to cause me to have pain and suffering or end up with a GI bleed?
BCBS: Sir you can have you physician submit the required documentation.
Me: You already have it
Me: Look, I’m just saying, I spent 3 years immersed in PPI’s. I know more about them then you pharmacists probably do. I’m willing to come in and teach them a thing or three. But I’m not taking a dose like prilosec 20mg when it’s a piece of shit compared to what could be considered the most effective PPI in the class based upon research of other companies that produced PPI’s and based upon TAP’s own research.
BCBS: sir we are not asking you take inferior drugs.
Me: So I can get omeprazole 40mg QD and no one has to do any extra work?
BCBS: yes sir that is correct.
Me: Why didn’t you just say so?
BCBS: ummm.

I’m such an ass at times! I bet they love dealing with me.

Since my ribs still hurt, I went in for X-Rays yesterday. I run and bike with my PCP, so he asked for them to be read stat! He needs to find out quickly how long I’m out of the game.

I get to the xray place and it’s packed. Apparently the Christmas holiday is the time to hurt yourself. After an hour of reading, they call me back. The first thing the nurse says to me is take off your shirt and tape these BB’s to your nipples. Well helloooo nurse, I like how you roll! Kinky! I’ve never taped BB’s to my nipples or anyone else’s for that matter. Then she says turn around I’m going to shoot you from the back. Hey! Wait. I’m not into getting shot in the back, that’s just a touch over my comfort limit. Is there a safe word I can use here? Oh you want to x-ray me from the back. Slightly embarrassing but….

Then she had me lay on a table and said she was going to tape a BB to my ribs. Sweet, back to the taping, I like it! Then she tells me it’s so the radiologist knows what side of the xray to look at. Oh, here I thought we were going to get to know each other better. My bad. After numerous x-rays, she said I could take off the BB’s and put my shirt on. Whatever. I’m keeping the BB’s on!

Since the x-rays were read stat, Mark calls me about 3 hours later and gives me 2 pieces of news. No broken ribs! But wait, I get a bonus finding. A small nodule on my L. lung. Thats right, it’s 2 for 1 finding x-ray day.

Smash and Crash

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Since it’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s I typically do a mini training camp. You know, run way more then a normal week, rack up a bunch of miles cycling and get back into the pool. Things were going so well. The first few days ran just over 30 miles in four days. The plan was to run between 7.3 and 7.8 miles every day. Ride 2.5-3.5 hours everyday with a minimal TSS of 175 per day. Swim 3-4 times so I wasn’t in horrible shape come January 4th when I was going to start swimming masters.

But the day after Christmas, riding back into town CRASH! I make a right hand turn, didn’t spot the commuter bike riding guy until it was too late. Took the turn a bit wide because there was a bunch of sand in the apex of the turn. Realize that the two old ladies in the car weren’t an issue, and then, only then did I see Mr. Commuter. FuuuuCK Me. I couldn’t get under him so I tried to go in front of him, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea. I don’t think he saw me either, until it was too late. Ha, my sneaky frontal assault campaign on commuter bikes begins! I ended up putting myself broadside to him and got T-Boned. A total fred move, worthy of the best Cat 5 crash video out there. I’m a 4, I’ll probably get downgraded for that one. After many apologies by me and asking him if he is ok, he gets up and says “Wow!, that happened fast”. They always do sir, they always do.

Luckily he was unscratched and damage free. Me on the other hand, well, my ribs hurt. They are rather sore actually. I landed ribs first then hip and tricep. Somehow I have a bruise on the front of my thigh and some scrapes on my what could be washboard abs if I ever did ab work. And some wounded pride. Don’t forget the wounded pride, that hurts the most.

On the other hand, this lead to a scientific discovery. Their is an inverse relationship between the amount of Naproxen I take and the amount of muscle guarding I do. More drugs = less guarding.

What a fitting way to end the calendar year. Here’s to a better 2010!

My Christmas Gift to Triathletes

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This Christmas I really struggled what to give to the triathlon world. I can’t give away my good looks, charming personality or laid back demeanor. I’m not able to give my superior driving skills away to others. I give out enough training advice that anymore would actually cause a black hole in the coaching world (which may not be a bad thing necessarily). What to give? What a head scratcher this has turned out to be. But slowly, very slowly I realized what the triathlon world needs, really needs. If only I could take the credit for coming up with this idea. But it’s the thousands of triathletes out there though that inspired this gift. Throngs of triathletes, trying to look cool but failing miserably. Trying to be stylish and at best coming up as a fashion disaster. In particular, two chance sightings of triathletes inspired this. How did I know they were triathletes? How could they not be?

I give to you triathletes around the world a sense of fashion. Not the color coordinated, designer fashion that makes one runway model eligible. Not the let’s match my arm warmers to my leg warmers to my seat color to my wheel logos to my shoes to my jersey and shorts fashion (btw – all the matching – Super Gay). Instead of looking like you got your fashion sense from Garanimals, read on before you go out the door for your next workout.

I’ll give you two of the many inspirational examples I’ve seen.

The first is triathlete out running dude. And yes I realize that when you visit Tucson it may be much warmer then where you came from. It’s not an excuse to violate common fashion sense. I’m running along the Rillito River path. I see what is clearly a triathlete heading toward me. How did I know you ask? It’s simple. A visor (and there is nothing wrong with a visor btw), sunglasses, sleeveless shirt and arm warmers. Yes, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and arm warmers. It wasn’t even 40F yet. Please whatever you do, for your own sake and the sake of normal triathletes everywhere. DO NOT run in arm warmers and a sleeveless jersey. WTF are you thinking? Seriously? What inspires someone to think its cold out so I’ll run in a shirt with no arms then put something on over my arms. Arm warmers? Really?

Just stop and think before you leave the house. Is it cold? If so, do I need gloves? Do I need a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt. If you put on a tank top and arm warmers you need the long sleeve shirt. Turn around, head back inside, and take off the arm warmers and the sleeveless shirt. Reach into the drawer and grab the long sleeve. It’s that simple. Trust me.

Next scenario. Sleeveless cycling jerseys and tri shorts. Save them for spring and summer, at least the sleeveless jersey, see the next section for the tri shorts. Just because your wife got you a sleeveless jersey and matching tri shorts, doesn’t mean you need to go ride in them in December. Look honey, I loooove my matching kit so much I’m going to ride in it first thing tomorrow! It was under 60F when you were riding. Did you even step outside before you left the house to see if maybe you needed a bit more on? Did you think to turn around after 10 min and grab another layer? No, I guess you didn’t, did you? At first, as I rode up to you on the climb I couldn’t tell if your arms were sunburned or if they were pink from you being that cold. Judging from how goose pimpled your flesh was, I’ll go with option B. Did you see all the other cyclists out on McCains Loop today? Did you even glance at them (and I know you did). What did you see? Lots of shoe covers, arm warmers, leg warmers, gloves and vests. Why do you think that was? Because it was fucking cold that’s why. A little common sense would have saved you a lot of misery. I know why you were riding back and forth on the backside of the loop. You were trying to figure out how you could get back to town without going down a 2-4 mile descent. Whoops, poor planning there eh?

Finally, do not ride in tri shorts, the only exception being if you are actually in a race. They suck for riding. There is a reason no pro cyclist rides in tri shorts, ever, unless they are in a triathlon, and even then it’s 50/50. You want numb balls? Do you like a chafed vaginal area? You want your ass to be sore so when you sit down tomorrow you are reminded of every bump you rode over today? Look, invest in a couple of good pair of cycling shorts. Trust me, this is not the place to pinch pennies.

So my gift to you is a bit of fashion sensibility. Invest in some arm and leg warmers, a vest, booties and gloves for riding. Buy yourself a few long sleeve shirts for running. Don’t go out of your way to match your kit. The first jersey you grab coupled with some black shorts is fine. Finally think about the temperature and conditions outside, then dress accordingly.

Safety Training

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I had to take driver safety training this evening. It’s an online thing that my company asked me in their best “would you mind doing this so we don’t have to boot your ass to the curb?” voice. It’s designed to shore up areas where your driving skills may be weak. It seems, according to my car and my girlfriends car, that backing up isn’t my best driving trait. So far I’ve hit 1 car, 1 telephone pole knocking out power to an entire block the day before Thanksgiving (talked about people being pissed) and backed through a garage door. That wasn’t my fault though. I swear. Ask my Mom.

Driving forward I’m a champ.Talking on the phone while working on my computer, eating a Snickers, changing the channels on the satellite radio and steering with my knees at 85mph? No normal person could do that. For me, not a problem. Flipping through a legal pad, making notes, and carrying on a client call. Yawn, I don’t even need caffeine to help me wake up for that. The master of moving forward, and at high rates of speed I am. I may get a ticket in the mail soon. I got flashed by the photo radar van, and by flashed it’s not a good thing. Guess what that means though? More safety training!!!!!! Actually it means in AZ (this isn’t legal advice btw) just ignore the ticket and after 90 or 120 days they have to drop it.

Going backwards, well, umm it’s a different story. This is what happens when you hit another car at 3mph.

Unbelievable! It’s a good thing no one has rear ended me, especially if they were going more then 3mph. I have no idea why them call these things bumpers. You can’t bump into anything or you need a new one. If someone rear ended me, my rear end would be in front of the front end. They would turn my car inside out. No way that can be good for you or your car. Never tried it, not signing up to either. If your driving behind me, don’t f*cking hit me. Please.

I did learn several cool facts in driver training. I was even tested on them. Because testing me on facts is going to make me a better driver. Much better. Especially since I failed the first test. At least I passed on my second try. All in the name of safety, I feel safer, can’t wait to see if I am safer tomorrow.

I thought some of the facts you need to know are:

Fact 1: The average person drives 25,000 miles per year. Besides belching out a huge carbon footprint, only five of those miles are in reverse. Do the math. What are the odds that you’re going to hit something? I defy the odds. I’m a bookie’s worst nightmare, the long shot making good. Bet on me. Just don’t park behind me.

Fact 2: Annually there are 117 adult deaths and 273 children deaths attributed to going in reverse. You’ve seen my bumper, imagine what would have happened if I was going 5 or 10 miles an hour.

Fact 3: Every 1.6 minutes someone backs into trouble. I stole that line straight from the training. You just can’t make up stuff like that.

Fact 4: Just over 10% of all collisions happen in reverse. Not that you undo the collision where you just ran into a telephone pole, although I bet you wish you could do take that back, I know I do. So if you go backwards 1 mile for every 5000 you go forward and 10% of collisions occur when going in reverse, quick someone do some math for me and give me the odds. I’m calling my bookie, but only when driving forward. Never in reverse, the odds seem against me.

I also thought some almost facts would be fun as well.

Sort of fact #1: I live in parking lots and back up 10-15 times per day. This means I’m a better backer uper then you.

Sort of fact #2: Just in case my boss or company reads this, I really don’t talk on the phone and work on my computer at the same time. I text instead.

Sort of fact #3: Since I’ve been in pharma, I’ve driven over 300,000 miles. This makes me one of the top 1,000,000 polluters in the world I’d guess. But I recycle. And I didn’t get invited to the climate talks in Copenhagen. I’ve always wanted to go to Denmark.

Sort of fact #4: My boss just got his new car 2 weeks ago. I have a meeting tomorrow. I’m going to park in front of him to practice my new backing up skills.

So be safe kids, I’m out there everyday backing up.


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It snowed in Tucson the other day. Not really in Tucson but on Mt. Lemmon. I wonder how far down the snow line is? Tomorrow seems like a nice day to ride up and find out. Hopefully it won’t be like last year where we kept climbing, it kept getting colder and we kept climbing. After 21 miles of climbing, with numb fingers I realized it was 25F and we had to descend. No gloves, no leg warmers and no vest, which really means I started the ride with no brains working. Hopefully tomorrow won’t require 20 miles of climbing to hit the snow line. I’m not sure my legs will be too happy with me. Here is a pic of last January’s climb right before the descent.

about to freeze on the descent


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is for sale, I hate to see it go, but I made an offer on a house and I’m almost optimistic it will be accepted. The less I have to move, the happier I am. Description below:

No bike in the history of man has done what this bike has. Sure there are tons of bikes out there. Stock, neutered, souless bikes. Bikes that succumbed to the sound and fury that this bike is. Bikes that thought they were bad ass only to find out they were at best what an ass drops on the ground. Bikes that brightly colored and cheerful prior to the race, ended up ugly, desecrated, violated, broken shells of their former selves. Maybe you ride one of those? You shouldn’t.

After all, The BAD ASS LUCERO has waged war in 4 countries. Across the US, in 8 different states, this bike has broken the spirit of brands like cervelo and trek. In the EU brands like principia, scott and cannonrail melted under it’s fury. In Canada, where it didn’t even have to put up much of a fight, brands like orbea, kuota and specialized fell before it begging for mercy. But none was delivered. There is no mercy in this bike. In fact it’s filled with souls, souls of all those other bikes who it has belittled and beaten down, souls from the ugly red, blue, grey, orange and yellow bikes that came before it. It’s DEATH. Death to my and now your competitors. it has shown nothing but a desire to slay. A desire to destroy. A desire to entomb within it, all those who dare come before it. It’s the worst that Satan can think of filled with the power of Jesus wielding 10,000 Death Stars pointed at your little planet.

It’s seen and won more battles then any general in history of man. Ghengis Khan would crap in his deer skin pants if this bike came before his army. Sure it’s scratched here and there from it. How could you not be? You can’t fly all over the world picking fights with the biggest bullies on the block without getting dinged here and there (maybe if it only went to Canada, but it went more places then that). It’s armor was never pierced, it’s spirit never damaged, it’s machismo never dinged. Chicks dig scars and this bike will get you laid faster then you could do it on your own in a whore house with $500 cash in your hand.

Can you handle a bike like this? A bike filled with 1000s of souls from those other brands. A bike so battle tested, so victorious that a 1 balled man could have won the TDF had he ridden it this past year. But a 1 balled man isn’t man enough for this bike (although he did hit an olsen twin, sheryl crow and who knows who else so 2 thumbs up for him for that).

Don’t contact me about this bike if you don’t have the balls to look your competitors in the eye and tell them “I’ll come back onto the run course and jog it in with you if you want”. If you can’t tell them they should have “stayed home for the sake of your wife and kids” you probably shouldn’t be riding this bike. (if you are a tall say 5-10 or taller, lean chick go ahead and contact me…NOW).

Do you have the backbone, the balls, the fortitude to be the baddest bad ass on the block? Do you want to possess those things? If so then this bike is for you. If not and you’re still thinking about this bike, go put some vaseline on your oh wait this is a family friendly blog.

So here is what you get. A 1 of a kind 2006 size med BAD ASS LUCERO. With victorious battle scratches on it. It’s black, of course.
cane creek headset
profile 120 stem
2006 DA BB, f&r dérailleurs, brakes
2009 Ultegra cranks and rings 53/39, under 600 miles on them
2009 Ultegra chain under 600 miles on it.
Your manhood, swagger and savageness that you should have had in the first place. (or if you’re a female, the ferocity to destroy the rest your training group while making the dudes nuts shrivel and ascend into their stomach while complimenting you about your beauty and superiority)

$801 shipped.

Leave a message if interested with a way to contact you.