The Secret – Exposed

On a few of the tri chat boards yesterday during the IM Hawaii broadcast,  I saw several questions from people looking for what is IT that the pros do to get faster.  It seems that people think there is one thing that they do, one silver bullet that enables them to go so much faster then us mere mortals.  I figure it’s time to expose their secret, share it with the world, level the playing field, even the odds so to speak.  For the first time here is the secret exposed:

They train more, they train faster, they don’t look for the silver bullet.  They do the work, daily in training, so on race day they can reap the benefits of that work and go fast. It’s day after day after day after week after week after month after month after month after well hopefully you get the point.

Yes folks it’s that simple.  Do the work necessary in training, do it often, and the race results will follow.

6 Responses to “The Secret – Exposed”

  1. Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. Can’t people just take a pill to get faster instead? That’s much easier. 😉

    Eric (aka S. Pinkfontaine)

  2. But that isn’t made out of carbon fiber!

  3. Can’t I just buy Newtons?

  4. i thought the secret to being faster was peeing in the chair in transition?

  5. It’s quite simple really.

    To blow my own trumpet, I wanted to improve my 40km TT, so from January to June I rode every single day, rain, hail or shine. I didn’t miss a single session. It gets cold living and training in Tokyo. 6 months later I finally got to break 1hr over 40km, previous PB was 1:06.

    Feels good to be a 40 year old going under an hr for 40km now.

    Go figure.

    I live by the secret.


  6. there is not magic pill…doh..

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