Goodbye Gabi

It’s hard to say goodbye to your dog.  What do you do when you know you only have 5 hours left? We walked through the wash with my other dog, I brushed her, sat on the floor petting her and took lots of pics.  All the changes I’m going to face without her.  No more tripping over her when I get up from the couch, dinner table or out of bed.  I won’t have to be careful opening the front door after my runs anymore.  She won’t be there laying against the door waiting for me to come home. No more cleaning up after her when I’d get home from a trip.  She won’t pee on the floor anymore because she is so excited to see me again.  If I got up from the couch and moved, she got up and moved with me.  Go to the bedroom, she followed me.  Go from there to the office, she went also. Walked in circles so did she. This is the dog who would lower her head and plow through someone to get to me to say hi because running around them would be to far out of the way.

I don’t want to be the pet owner that hangs onto their dog for too long.  There really is nothing that can be done, everything would be managing a terminal process.  Having her here would be great, I love my dog. But having her here and suffering would be horrible.  I’d rather her be put down with a few good weeks left rather then suffer for those extra weeks just so I could walk her again or have her wait for me to come back from my run. It really sucks, I’m going to miss her.

Goodbye Gabi.  I love you, thank you for suckering Mimi into making us adopt you.  I’m going to miss you, more then you realize.

7 Responses to “Goodbye Gabi”

  1. Mr. Bubble Says:

    Sorry Amigo. It is a tough thing to go through.

  2. Very sorry 😦

  3. Sent you an email. So very sorry Bri. Crying while I read this, for you and your dog. Hope you are slowly starting the healing process my friend.

  4. Very sorry to hear this. She looks like she was a sweet dog and sounds like she was a good friend.

  5. Very sorry. (((((hugs)))))

  6. Mike Montoya Says:

    Sorry bro! I am sure was very thankful for all the love you gave her.

  7. Mike Montoya Says:

    She was thankful, I meant.

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