I got chicked at the Elephant Butte Triathlon today.  And not by a little.  I was completely crushed, destroyed, dominated, use and abused, worked over. She swam a 20:30ish for the 1 mile swim.  I was next out of the lake in 23:05 about :25 up on third place. I feel slightly used…in a good way.

3 Responses to “Chicked”

  1. Paulo got chicked there last year too. MuffinTop and i watched. He did put forth a grand effort. Suffered like a dog and puked at the line. GREAT JOB COACH!!!! 🙂

  2. if it makes you feel any better…my swim relay got chicked by a 43 y/o old female swimmer at the La Jolla 10 mile swim relay.

    We swam 4:01 (24 min/mile), she swam 3:10.

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