Paradigm shift?

Got cleared to start working out today.  Ended up it my gastroc that was inflamed.  Best of all, my knee is unremarkable on the x-rays. Sometimes unremarkable is a good thing.

The only thing concerning me was the doc said stretching may be a good thing for me to do, and core exercises oh, and yoga also.  Once he said stretching, my brain went into overdrive.  I pulled up all the research on stretching hidden in the depths of my mind.  The first few were the research from UNC-CH and a University from NZ  showing that sub elite runners who stretched got injured more compared to the control group. Back and forth we went. Since neither one of us were moving on that issue, I went after doing core work as non-essential to endurance performance. He was trying to prevent a repeat visit, I was arguing from the side of endurance athletes not needing a highly developed core. Yoga. I don’t know though, it’s hot, way too hot all the times I’ve gone. I live in Tucson.  If I want hot, I can go outside. It’s 90+ still outside. Besides, yoga always seemed like a fancy name for stretching and pseudo-strength training.

He also recommended the foam roller. I love my foam roller, it hurts so good. I also enjoy my Triggerpoint ball, especially sleeping on it. Great for knocking out the trigger points in my ass.

I guess I’m ok with stretching for 5 min per day.  I already did my crunch for the year so thats out.  I’ll need to dig up my core stuff that I used to do with my back patients.

It’s good having your paradigm challenged.  You get challenged to step back and look at things form a different perspective. You get to present your arguments to challenge the challenge.  As a coach, athlete or even as an individual, anytime you have to step back and view things from a different perspective it’s good. Seeing and even arguing for a different point of view helps you get a big(ger) picture view of the situation. Being able to see more than one point of view allows you to more easily see that maybe you are not always right or there may be a different way to do the things you are currently doing.

3 Responses to “Paradigm shift?”

  1. There is some stretching that helps me..well I keep my beer low in the fridge and stretch my hamstrings while getting it..

    I hope you recovery is fast, sorry to hear about your injury.

  2. Hey Brian,
    I do core work mostly on the workout ball about three times per week, but I have had two back surgeries as you may remember. I agree that stretching is over rated at best and mostly useless in preventing injuries. As a matter of fact when I have had some minor things such as a hamstring issue it is when running after stretching. I like doing some flexibility exercises while at the fire station but nothing major. Once again through some experience you and I agree.

  3. Brian, you’re right, but think of the *effects* the doctor is looking for… he wants you to be flexible, the effect he wants, so he tells you to stretch, which he thinks is the correct action to get the effect he wants. you may be able to get the effect through different means.

    Yoga and core work have helped me immensely. I don’t stretch much though.


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