What else could go wrong this season?  Multiple 5-15 day blocks of time off being sick, sliced off part of my thumb, have to get crowns on 2 teeth. Really isn’t that enough?  Apparently not.  It seems I now have tendonitis where my semimembranous inserts. But it only hurts when I run, bike and walk.  My doc didn’t tell me not to run, but he also didn’t tell me to continue to run. And really, if I’m making it worse I probably shouldn’t continue to do it.  I wish I could figure out what caused it.  No position changes on my bikes, I have 3-4 pair of running shoes I rotate through and my running volume has been well below my historical average of the last 3 years.

My poor dogs are even suffering.  I can’t walk them as far as I was able a few weeks ago. A few days went by with no walks. Makes me feel like a bad pet owner. They want to walk, I can’t make it to the mailbox.

Sorry guys, maybe (hopefully) this weekend.

One Response to “Tendonitis”

  1. Time to put the girlfriend to work. I am not lowering the time difference for SOMA no matter how much you whine.

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