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I got chicked at the Elephant Butte Triathlon today.  And not by a little.  I was completely crushed, destroyed, dominated, use and abused, worked over. She swam a 20:30ish for the 1 mile swim.  I was next out of the lake in 23:05 about :25 up on third place. I feel slightly used…in a good way.

Decision made

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Done.  Over.  Sleeping in. Time to drink beer! My hip hurts, my leg hurts and the thought of 6 more weeks of trying to balance enough training without recovering properly is over-rated. It’s, at least in my opinion, better to heal up, rest up and start the new training cycle in mid-late October for next year.  That actually puts me ahead of where I was going to start it.  So more time to hopefully run lots, swim lots and ride a bit, mainly on weekends.  But after I rest and drink beer.

What to do?

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Bag the rest of the season or not?

Always a tough decision with races on the table, especially in a season full of really good ups and really bad downs. There really weren’t any ho hum races.  It was either really fast (for me), DNS or DNF.  I think my DNS’s + my DNF = total number of races completed.

There are only three or four races left that I had scheduled, an oly, a sprint duathlon, a half IM and maybe another sprint tri. The oly would be this weekend and i’m not really in shape to race it. I’m not sure my body will hold through early November this season.  It’s just one thing after another.  It might be smarter to just goof off for a few weeks, let everything heal. Then just start back mid October with some serious dog walking and a bit of swim bike and run.

I guess I should go find a coin.

Paradigm shift?

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Got cleared to start working out today.  Ended up it my gastroc that was inflamed.  Best of all, my knee is unremarkable on the x-rays. Sometimes unremarkable is a good thing.

The only thing concerning me was the doc said stretching may be a good thing for me to do, and core exercises oh, and yoga also.  Once he said stretching, my brain went into overdrive.  I pulled up all the research on stretching hidden in the depths of my mind.  The first few were the research from UNC-CH and a University from NZ  showing that sub elite runners who stretched got injured more compared to the control group. Back and forth we went. Since neither one of us were moving on that issue, I went after doing core work as non-essential to endurance performance. He was trying to prevent a repeat visit, I was arguing from the side of endurance athletes not needing a highly developed core. Yoga. I don’t know though, it’s hot, way too hot all the times I’ve gone. I live in Tucson.  If I want hot, I can go outside. It’s 90+ still outside. Besides, yoga always seemed like a fancy name for stretching and pseudo-strength training.

He also recommended the foam roller. I love my foam roller, it hurts so good. I also enjoy my Triggerpoint ball, especially sleeping on it. Great for knocking out the trigger points in my ass.

I guess I’m ok with stretching for 5 min per day.  I already did my crunch for the year so thats out.  I’ll need to dig up my core stuff that I used to do with my back patients.

It’s good having your paradigm challenged.  You get challenged to step back and look at things form a different perspective. You get to present your arguments to challenge the challenge.  As a coach, athlete or even as an individual, anytime you have to step back and view things from a different perspective it’s good. Seeing and even arguing for a different point of view helps you get a big(ger) picture view of the situation. Being able to see more than one point of view allows you to more easily see that maybe you are not always right or there may be a different way to do the things you are currently doing.

I ran!

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6:15.  Yes, a whole 6 min and :15 seconds. Pain free.  Pretty exciting. It’s been a week since I ran.

Walking back to the house, I noticed everyone had newspapers in their front yards.  I picked them up and put them in the recycling bins. Gotta keep the hood looking clean.


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What else could go wrong this season?  Multiple 5-15 day blocks of time off being sick, sliced off part of my thumb, have to get crowns on 2 teeth. Really isn’t that enough?  Apparently not.  It seems I now have tendonitis where my semimembranous inserts. But it only hurts when I run, bike and walk.  My doc didn’t tell me not to run, but he also didn’t tell me to continue to run. And really, if I’m making it worse I probably shouldn’t continue to do it.  I wish I could figure out what caused it.  No position changes on my bikes, I have 3-4 pair of running shoes I rotate through and my running volume has been well below my historical average of the last 3 years.

My poor dogs are even suffering.  I can’t walk them as far as I was able a few weeks ago. A few days went by with no walks. Makes me feel like a bad pet owner. They want to walk, I can’t make it to the mailbox.

Sorry guys, maybe (hopefully) this weekend.

Ouch, that hurt.

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I learned last night that when the NP in the ER says get the QR they are not referring to a bike or wetsuit.  Instead they are about to dump a coagulant on your bleeding self.  And it stings. A lot. Then they also apply direct pressure.  That hurts. A lot more. Note to self: when slicing anything and using a very sharp knife, move the distal end of your thumb before you remove the distal end of your thumb. After 40 minutes of bleeding down my elevated arm, watching blood run down through my fingers and drip at a fairly steady rate into the sink, going through numerous paper towels and gauze bandages, it was time to let the pros have a shot at stopping the bleeding. Really one can only have so much fun holding your hand up while applying direct pressure. I kind of knew it was a er type of cut, but I was hungry and wanted dinner. Fresh basil in your pasta sauce. How could you go wrong with that?  Add some fresh meat and it’s even better. Mmmmm.

The ER is great for people watching.  I saw a kid come in with his knee cap on top of the lower end of his thigh.  A lady was wheeled in wearing a very nice, little black dress. Unfortunately the full eye shades covering her eyes and the bright pink blanket she was holding over her head seemed to clash with the rest of her evening wear.

On other exciting news, my company was bought last night by a Japanese pharma company with no N. American presence.  Even better, I have a couple of emails from people in the industry asking if I was interested in moving over to where they work. Who knows how this will all pan out.  I bought a few hundred shares around $9.  The deal price is $23. The close today was $22.80. Not bad, that should about make up for when I bought at a much higher price years ago. It seems that my worthless options, well, are still worthless at my strike price, sigh.

Best of all, I have a freaking migraine. From not sleeping much the last few nights.  This is forcing me to not ride Mt. Lemmon tonight.  There is a group, tossing lights on their bikes and heading up for 20 miles or so.  Probably not the best idea to have someone in your group descending who is experiencing some bright splotches in their field of vision, at night, with only mini newts for headlights.  Plus it’s thundering, lightening and raining over there.  I’m not really keen on riding in the lightening. Actually it’s the being struck by lightening part I’m not really too keen on.