Inside my head it’s foggy from the combination of sleep meds that I took almost 9 hours ago. This is my favorite type of in-between.  It’s not light. Yet. Darkness is slowly melting away both outside and inside my head. It’s neither here nor there. The Mountains in the east are outlined by the rising sun still 20-30 min away from appearing as a sliver over their peaks. It’s in the low 70’s, cool, yet warmly embraced for this time of year.  The dogs, their pent up energy dragging me down the driveway to the corner as we begin our walk.  Quietness. No people, the sound of an occasional car in the distance.  Just their nails lightly tapping on the pavement in rythmn with their breathing. Inevitably this in-between will yield to something.  Less.

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  1. yeah….yer on dope

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