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Antwerp 70.3

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The Antwerp 70.3 is coming rather too quickly.  Getting there is half the battle, maybe more.   Packing the bikes was a colussal PIA.  So what does every smart person do when faced with such a huge task.  You punt.  That’s right, I shirked all resposnibilty for packing 2 Luceros, 4 wheels, 3 water bottles, 2 pair of running shoes, 2 wetsuits, 2 spare tubes, 2 helmets, 2 sets of pedals, 2 aero seat posts with seats still attached, 2 timing chip straps, 1 race belt, 1 set of tire levers, 1 pedal wrench, 1 set of torque bits, 1 torque wrench, 1 full size pump w/ the crack pipe attached. This is what one hour of watching bikes magically pack themselves looks like.

But I don’t want you to think I didn’t help.  I did, and my contributions were vital to the success of getting the bikes packed.  The pedal wrench isn’t just going to let itself into the torque wrench case, someone (me) has to manually unscrew the torque wrench case cap, insert said pedal wrench then screw the cap back on. I also placed the timing chip straps and the race number belt in the case.  Oh, and I stuck 1 running shoe in the case.  Without those vital bits of assistance who knows, we may still be trying to figure out that the torque wrench and pedal wrench can travel together and where to stick my racing flat. If it wasn’t my racing flat, I may have punted on that.  But since a pair of running shoes is vital to running, I had to man up and stick the shoe in there somewhere.

As for that race, this was going to be the main race of my season. I wanted to break 4:10 on a legit half IM course.  With all the time being sick and the amount of training time missed, I’m going to be a bit behind that time. About 3.5km behind. No worries though.  I’ll do a bit of sight seeing, drink some beer, walk around a bit, drink more beer, meet some new people and squeeze in a race at some point.  It’s all good, and beer makes it better.


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The most over used word right now in the English language.  I’ll probably get a lot of hate remarks for this, but I think many people labelled hero’s should be labelled good Samaritans instead.  Maybe I just have a higher standard then most when it comes to using that word.  On any given day, I can read the paper and find two or more articles where people are being labeled a hero.  Rescuing people from a burning car and endangering your own life – Hero.  Pulling someone from a capsized boat onto your jet ski – more or less a good Samaritan.

I think if you’re going to be a hero you need to do something well above above ordinary, extra, extra-ordinary in fact.  I got to visit one of my closest friends last week while in NC.  This guy is a true hero.  Former elite triathlete, with an IM win and some top 10’s at major international LC races during his career. He went back into the military to join the premier combat unit in the entire US Military, actually the premier unit of any military from any country. This is the unit the other Special Force type units wish they were.  And no, he isn’t a SEAL, in fact, he would be rather insulted if you thought he was. No offense to the SEALs, they are BAMF’s.  He just happens to be in the Alpha Dog unit among a pack of units that are the alpha dogs of their respective branches of the military.  He is a been there done that got the scars and metal still embedded in his body to prove it hero.

4 purple hearts, 4 Bronze stars 2 of those with valor. One of those Bronze Stars was earned by carry wounded soldiers across 150m of open ground while being shot at to the casualty collection point. But he didn’t just do this one time during the firefight.  He did it multiple times throughout that day.  While there he assisted the medics who were being overwhelmed with casualties.   Then he picked up his weapon, racked a round and went back into the fight.  I think one trip across would be heroic, but to then run back, grab another wounded solider and run back across the enemy’s field of fire, only to turn around and do it again, well, quite frankly, that’s heroic.  Or a total BABAMF (that would be a bad ass, bad ass MFer, one BA isn’t quite enough) if you’re going to use that labelling system.

He has rescued American hostages, been in charge of  a team leading men into combat and in charge of preparing for combat other operators from all branches of the US as well as other countrys’ operators.  That is heroic.  Rescuing a cat from a tree, not so.

Some things stay the same

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My sister who lives in Sydney AUS is back in NC for the month of July.  This afforded me an excuse to make the trip back to where I started racing triathlons to see her, my niece and nephew (who woke me up from my nap & is now out of my will, tough lesson to learn at 11months but better now then never, sorry dude), Mom, Dad, Nana and Granddad.  My sister also happened to have the good sense to come back when I could get in a race.

I started back in triathlon in 1988, here in NC.  In 1989 I raced in my first elite wave. 20 years later, I tee’d it up in the open division. Some of the same people I raced back then are still racing open now.  Us old dudes still have some get up and go, not a lot but enough to teach the young bucks a lesson or two.  Pretty good race overall, googles didn’t leak one bit during warm up and immediately filled with water once the gun went off.  I think they filled with water before I even got into the water. Swim went ok, non wet suit, I rode my friend’s Stacey’s feet most of the way, I didn’t feel great but I’m chalking that up to not swimming since Monday due to travel. Decent T1, only got passed by 2-3 people on the long run to the bikes.  Bike went well, lost my bottle right off the bat.  No liquid refreshment for me on the 17 mile bike.  Just as good though as I was having heartburn from everything I ate and drank this morning for some reason. Good ride, took me a loooong time to catch the train. Finally got on after chasing for 10+ miles and moved through it up a long hill.  The train broke into 2 parts, 3 of us dropping the other three.  I was pretty happy to catch on, it’s hard dangling 50-100m off the back of what started as 1 guy then became 2, then 3 and eventually grew to 5 guys and keep them from pulling away.  The pace was fairly high though, so I got lucky that they weren’t rotating through.  The stronger rides were at the front and the weaker riders were in back.  Had they been attacking and rotating through, their pace would have been higher. I probably wouldn’t have made it on.  Rolled off the bike in 5th place.  Passed one person in T2, and tried to run with 3rd place leaving transition. After 1km he had put ~:05 on me, then he put another :20 on me to the mile mark. Found out later he is a 15:0Low 5k guy and a 69:00 half marathon dude, so no matter what, my running is not going to keep contact with him.   He disappeared in that .4 mile, way out of sight.  Was able to claw back some time on the guy who ended 3rd OV but not enough to move onto the podium.  Pretty happy with 4th OV, didn’t know what to expect since I haven’t raced a tri in NC in 10+ years.   For those interested in power NP was 270 AP 260.  Here is a link to the results:

I could really use a nap right now, but with an 11month old and a 2.5yr old running around the house making noise, I don’t see it happening. Good thing I got 3hr and 20 min of sleep last night. Tonight I’m taking an above recommended dose of Lunesta and going to sleep..hopefully for 10 hours.  Maybe a nap on the plane tomorrow, hopefully there won’t be any noisy kids around me when I try to sleep on the plane.

Back into it

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Almost done with my course of antibiotics.  Strung a week+ of decent training together.  Got in just over 2hr on Thursday,  5:15 Friday, 4 hours Saturday.  Lots of riding, some swimming and some running.  Lots of frequency but not a ton of volume running.  Even raced today which went fairly well.  Run was a bit slow, but across the board run times were slow.  Probably had a bit to do with the heat and humidty. It was the first time I can ever remember unzipping my race top all the way on the run.  The swim went well.  It seems the 21,400 yards in the pool last month paid off.  Solid swim, didn’t lose too much time over the 750m LC pool swim. Crappy T1 as usual, fumbled with my helmet strap/buckle and according to my power file it only took me 400 feet to get in my shoes once I hopped on the bike.  Seriously, what the hell was I doing for 133 yards?  Solid ride, avg 25.9mph (250/261 AP/NP)  for the bike including putting on and taking off my shoes.  Almost fell over in T2 putting on my running shoes.  Ended up 2nd Overall so I’m not complaining too much.  About :45 down on first, he out ran me by over 1 min and about :30 up on 3rd.  I think I now officially hold the record for leading a Tucson Tri series race off the bike but not winning the race.  Over the last few years, I’ve finished 2nd overall 5 times, 3rd overall 3 times, at least 4 of those times I’ve left T2 in the overall lead.  I need to run faster. Probably swimming a bit faster and not being so slow in T1 wouldn’t hurt either. But it really comes down to running faster. Oh well, next weekend in NC I’ll take another crack at racing.  Hopefully I can move up the podium 1 position.   Congratulations to Billy Oliver, one of the guys I’ve been coaching for a few years,  finishing 6th overall and winning his AG.  On his 21st anniversary to boot!    Results here, bike includes both transitions: Male