Freaking Brilliant

My grocery store of course.  I’m in there 2-3 times per week grabbing groceries.  Loooove the carbonated, caffeinated beverage section.  It’s my favorite aisle, by far. So many colors, so many choices and all tastier then the OJ or fruit juice section.  Typically I support the soda industry to the tune of 4-5L per week of the sugary sweetness that soda is.  I really like the store brand for some reason, and Pepsi, but typically go with the store brand. Except for the uncaffeinated 2L per week that I consume, that’s Pepsi.  

Last week, I grab two 2L bottles and notice the price went up $.10.  It’s been at the previous price for over 3 years so I’d say about time.  But this week, this week the grocery store made a brilliant marketing move.  It flagged the entire aisle where the store brand soda sits with a bright, yellow, can’t miss me sticker.  The sticker said “New Lower Price”.  They lowered the price $.02 from the recently established new price.  Thats right, two whole pennies.  I found more then that riding my bike this week and I’ve only ridden it once. But now, now people are thinking hey I’m getting a bargin since it’s on sale.  Brilliant!

What I didn’t understand is how come a half gallon of milk was $1.59 and the gallon was $1.49? I get a gallon for less then half a gallon.  Really?  In that case let’s supersize that milk!  We must have way too many cows working way to hard in this country if they are going to give me a half gallon for free  then make the price $.10 less.   I hope my lawn likes milk since I can’t go through a gallon before it goes bad typically.  Got milk?  I do.

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