Back on the Horse?

Hopefully I’m back to training.  It’s been a long 2 weeks.  Getting sick really threw me for a loop. The first two triathlons of the season were no starts because I was sick.  Today I probably could have raced the CA 70.3 race. It would have been a half assed effort though, as my fitness has really declined.  Even as few as two days ago, I was still dizzy a few times, so all in all I think skipping it was the right call. All the vomiting, losing 10 pounds and the resulting dehydration really threw me for a loop.  

The week before getting sick, analyzing my training data, I was pretty confident there were a pair of good performances in me.  My power numbers were up a bit from the February race.  My 2h 15min power numbers were up quite a bit from late February and I was covering 3 miles in my tempo sessions in the later half of my long runs right at 6 min pace with not too much trouble.

A few more nights of good sleep will help put me back where I need to be.  Knew I needed some serious sleep yesterday.  So I pulled out the sleeping bag, for some reason sleeping in my sleeping bag = being able to sleep. Grabbed the med that scares me a little bit (mainly b/c it has put me down for almost 16 hours once), had a few beers, then a few more last night and followed it with the scary sleeping med. Knocked me out for 7 hours.  Would have been longer but the f*cking cat woke me up meowing for breakfast.  Fed him then passed out for another two hours.  9 glorious hours of sleep. (plus I got in a  short nap today) I think that’s what I need tonight as well. But maybe not so many beers, being able to function in the morning sooner rather then later is good, although that is a result of the meds not five beers 😉

Looking forward to getting in some training tomorrow as well and getting back into a consistent training schedule on Monday. It’s about seven weeks until I race again, plenty of time to get into good shape. It’s just a matter of choosing to do the work.

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