New TT Rig

With a race this Sunday and following Saturday, it seems time to figure out what to do about my TT bike situation.  Thankfully this was in stock, in my size yesterday at  So now all I have to do is swap over the SRM, swap seats, lengthen the handlebars, probably need to stick a longer stem on it as well, add a water bottle cage, figure out where a second one goes for a long course race, put on the pedals and then dial in the fit.  It’s Wednesday evening, not going to do anything to it today, so it’s getting sketchy and rather close to Sunday.  I’ll copy my Lucero position on it and away I’ll go (hopefully).

Making matters worse, I got food poisoning.  Ended up losing about 3.5kg and I’ve been feeling woozy and lightheaded since Sunday.  At least today the lightheaded part went away, but solid foods = not appealing.  Those who know me, already know I’m not a big fan of food, I think it’s mainly over-rated. 

So other then having a bike that is not dialed in, feeling rather unfit, haven’t worked out since Saturday afternoon, having multiple bouts of unplanned ab work, and a stomach that still doesn’t feel right, things seem to be spot on for a good race on Sunday.

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