How many flats can I get?

Seriously, how many flats in one month can someone get?  I’m on my third tire, approaching 10 tubes and I’ve installed new rim tape. Another flat and I’m heaving my back tire into traffic to teach it a lesson. Did I mention they are all on my rear wheel?  WTF?  There has got to be a limit on getting flats.  To make it worse there are only 28 days in this month.  If there were 31 I might feel a little better, I could actually be going 2.1 rides per flat instead of every other ride.  F*ck riding today, I’m going to take a nap.

5 Responses to “How many flats can I get?”

  1. Well aren’t you Mr. Crankypants today. I don’t think you’d let me get away with that….

  2. brianestover Says:

    Hahaha wait until you get your next schedule

  3. mike@trimesa Says:

    Can you say Conti Gatorskins?? Over 2,500 miles and no flats!!

  4. What color were those tires. It makes a big difference.

  5. pamiejane Says:

    I am going to agree with Mike – Gatorskins! I rode my road bike this weekend but had my “old” tyres (only 2000km) on the bike. My Gatorskins were on my tri bike. I was worried about punctures but thought I was being ridiculous. How much of a difference would they actually make. Well by the THIRD puncture on a 60km ride I was about to scream.

    Next ride I rode my tri bike! No punctures.

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