1 Week to go until Race Time!

I still have not sorted out my TT bikes.  I’ve got the Lucero but without the SRM and a seat, riding that bike looks a bit sketchy.  I’ve got the Specialized Transition with half a back brake zip tied to the downtube. Riding that bike seems a tad dangerous if I need to stop.  Me thinks I’m going to have to pull the SRM out of the Transition and re-install it in the Lucero at this point and swap the seat.  Of course I’ve still got 7 days before the race so plenty of time to sort it out….sort of.  Although it would be nice to ride one of them this year before the race. At least to make sure they shift while going uphill.

I race the Trisports.com Desert Classic Duathlon next Sunday.  Should be a good season opening hitout, hopefully.  My power data says my riding isn’t too shabby right now.  The big concern is since Thanksgiving week, I’ve been averaging only about 43 mile per week of running.  This time last year I running on average 57mpw, with a higher frequency as well. That’s a fair bit of running.  But since I’ve been riding quite a bit more then last year at this point, my thinking is, if I give anytime back on the runs I should more then make up for in on the bike leg.   It’s just a thought. We all know thinking is dangerous. 

Here is a pic of the Lucero in it’s current state and two of the specialized.  Note half the brake zip tied to the cage.


Wonder how fast this thing goes

Wonder how fast this thing goes?


The new ride

Stopping = sketchy at best





The new TT ride

The new TT ride! With the repair ticket on the bars.

2 Responses to “1 Week to go until Race Time!”

  1. Eric Reid Says:

    hey Brian, what’s up? What kind of extensions are on the Lucero?

    Things are good here. Training was going very well, and still is, but after the week in Tucson (and that weekend double and the old Ray Ban guy) followed by some other unwise over-reaching non-progressive volume/intensity days on the bike I was a little overcooked after my first two 4 week blocks of training.

    Set PBs in swim and run testing (thanks for those tips!) but held steady on bike testing. After all the work I did in FEB I would have thought I’d edge up a few points but by test time I was a little over the edge, so same same will have to do. Easing back into it now during Base 3. Goal is to make it to Build 1 healthy and ready for 12 great weeks of training.

    I don’t know what’s going on with me… ever since Tucson (and after 8 weeks of running nearly every day and w/ tons of focus on form in all three sports) I’m an aerobic machine… the metabolic cost of effort went WAY down for me. It’s like I’m not using oxygen anymore unless I’m going really hard, and when I finish a workout, even an intense one, my HR snaps right back to 85-90, whereas it used to take a few minutes to settle at 100 and then stay there for a while. Can’t run much faster than 6 minute miles, but I know I can crank them out repeat after repeat or hit 60 on a 10-miler race. Strange feeling all around.

    I still feel the effort in my muscles, they didn’t become CAT 1/2 legs overnight, but the lungs and heart have made “the leap”, I think because of 1) frequency, 2) consistency, and 3) this is my 3rd year of steadily increasing training. Lets hope my muscle fibers make the leap soon too.

    Read your race report, good job, sounds like you are well on your way to a good season. I’ll be hitting IM 70.3 China and IM CdA this year, along with a few Korean races and maaaayyybe IM 70.3 Honu depending on funds.

    talk to you later,

  2. Very good post. Hope to read more great posts in the future.

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