Wetsuit Testing DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally.  I’m in the process of writing up a report to send to the manufacturer’s and to TriSports.com discussing what I found out. There will also be on my website soon, some articles about what I feel makes a wetsuit fast or not, besides fit.  I noticed several common things that the fastest wetsuits did or did not have or did better compared to the slower wetsuits.  I’ll also post some pics so that you can see what I’m describing and why it may be better to look for these design features….or not.

Here are round two times in no particular order. All are 4 minutes and I’ve just listed the seconds.

:32 :32 :30 :30 :29 :28 :28 :28  :27 :27 :27 :25 :24.  I think that is all the times for round two.  

For each suit I’ll list all four swim times plus give an average swim time.  But suffice to say, the difference between the fastest and slowest suits are only a few seconds per hundred. Extrapolate that out over 1.5k, 2k or 3.8km though and you get much more then a few seconds. 

There were two suits that I was really, really impressed with and two more suits I was really impressed with.  I’ll have an objective and subjective write up for each suit.  The subjective part is just that, subjective.  You could try on the same suit and think I’ve really missed the boat on that suit.  The subjective is what I felt, the objective is how fast or slow I swam in a suit. I’m much more concerned about one then the other. I’ll let you guess as to which.

3 Responses to “Wetsuit Testing DONE!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Brian,

    When can we expect to see the results? Your testing seems solid and well thought out.

  2. How about posting the results of your wetsuit testing as I’ve been putting off buying one until I read your report?

  3. Looking forward to those results, too.

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